“Kids” (1995)

With its 20th anniversary on July 28th, this is one of our favourites here in the DONUTS office.

“Kids” is a raw, gritty and seriously controversial flick about inner-city teen life. It’s also one of the most honest portrayals of growing up in a difficult environment ever committed to film, uncompromising and still extremely relevant in today’s society, and boasts awesome soundtrack to boot!

The story of “Kids” follows Telly, a 17 year old slacker who spends his days skating, drinking and smoking with his crew. Telly’s mission is simple: to de-flower as many virgins as possible. Things turn bad when an old flame finds out she’s tested positive for HIV, with Telly being the only culprit. Now it’s a race against time to find him and stop him in his tracks before he destroys yet another life.

Crude, darkly funny and still shocking, “Kids” is one of those rare movies that are made once a decade: A documentary-style time capsule that gives you an insight into the real lives of teens in the 1990s, without sugar-coating or hiding anything. Essential viewing.