Throwback: Redman’s notorious MTV Cribs episode

So we all know rappers have very lavish lifestyles and that they brag about them constantly in their music.

MTV Cribs only highlighted this cliche, giving our favourite artists a platform to allow us into their huge mansions to show off their car collections and luxuries we could only dream about having… That is until one man decided to show us that it wasn’t all about Courvoisier and stripper poles.

Wu-Tang affiliate Redman’s ‘humble’ Staten Island abode includes such highlights as his hole-in-the-wall money/shoe box, using the floor as an ironing board, and finding his cousin casually passed out in the living room wrapped in a sleeping bag.

That, and the fact you have to rub two frayed wires together just to ring the doorbell.

We love you Redman. Don’t ever change.

Stream the classic vid below.