Spotlight: Danny Hastings

The Panamanian-Mexican photographer initially moved to New York City to study engineering. He subsequently found his calling in photography.

After his first gig with House of Pain for the Source Magazine in the early 90’s, Hastings has since shot and designed an over 150 album covers, some as legendary as Wu-Tang’s “36 Chambers”, Raekwon’s “Only Built For Cuban Linx…” and Nas’ “I Am”.

Hastings then began moving on to directing music videos. Bold and cutting edge, his videos mirrored the same originality and intensity found in his photographic work, getting heavy rotation on networks like MTV, the innovative videos like ‘Definition’ for Mos Def, Don Omar, Prince Royce and Wu-Tang solidified Hastings reputation as a jack-of-all trades artist.

Have a look at his work here: