Spotlight: Hugh Holland

In the early 1970s, shutterbug Hugh Holland became one of the first photographers to start a love affair with skateboarding, capturing it’s most vibrant and earliest years. We’re talking short shorts and tube socks, whirlpooling empty pools on a Bahne or a Logan, wearing nothing but a smile.

It was a movement exploding out of Hollywood, pioneered by restless youth looking for an unruly after-school activity to champion their teenage rebellion. A time before Tony Hawk. Before Quiksilver. Before Vans, million-dollar branding, video games and skate-punk swept it up into popular culture.

Kids just wanted to skate.

Holland’s now iconic pictures really set the standard for the type of pro skating photos you know and love today. These gorgeous pics showcase the Californian rays biting the necks of these young skaters, who are five feet in the air kissing the sky with their boards, bathed in sunlight. We also get to see some of the early gatherings and socials within the scene and the style that was slowly emerging from it.

Check out Hugh’s classic gallery of skateboarding pictures from the 1970s here: