Sample Flips 101: Gang Starr – Full Clip

Premo… Just… Premo.

The dude is a monster of a beatmaker. Not one bad beat in 25 years, and that is a feat and a half. Probably explains why he’s considered one of the greatest producers ever, and this all-time classic from one of the greatest hip-hop teams of all-time pretty much proves it.

“Full Clip” was Gang Starr’s tribute to the late great Big L, whose career was cut way too short back in ’99, and this track has all the ingredients of a life-long classic that will be played out till the end of time, both by mainstream and underground DJs alike.

The sample itself is from jazz great Cal Tjader’s cover of Isaac Hayes’ “Walk On By”, whereby Premo ungodly decided to chop those guitar lines up and create a masterpiece. The dude’s ear for sampling is unlike anything you will witness.

See if you can hear the chops within the track:

Cal Tjader – Walk On By

Gang Starr – Full Clip

Or if you wanna cheat, here’s Premo doing it live: