Donuts Pick: 10 Artists Who Deserve More Soundcloud Plays

Through our various hours and hours of trawling through every crevice of the internet to find new music, we’ve come across some amazing artists who have captured our attention, and that we feel deserve some serious exposure.

(In no particular order)


A staple in our Donuts nights, this FutureFunk producer from down under is the friggin’ bees knees. Bringing a vibrant 80s funk vibe via the likes of George Clinton, Roger Troutman, and bringing those childhood influences in from the 90s onwards, MXWLL’s lighting up our social media with remixes and originals. Pure fire.


2. Claire Renee

The most recent of our finds, this soul sista from The Bronx has enthralled us with her beautifully delicate voice, almost Corrine Bailey Rae-esque, as she soars over classic Flying Lotus and Kanye beats amongst many others.


3. Innanet James

By contrast, Innanet James is the sum of pure frantic energy and hunger, channeling Danny Brown and Goldlink all at once. The Maryland native has an amazing ability to flow with ease over pretty much anything, and an instantly likeable voice makes James a sure-fire winner in our books


4. J.Robb

We love playing this dude’s refixes out in warm-up, really familiar yet different sounds that people vibe to before it gets crazy. Another Maryland native who is killing it, J.Robb’s infectious blend of soulful, Dilla-esque instrumentation coupled with re-doing Hip-Hop and RnB of old (Justin Timberlake, Destiny’s Child etc) is perfect for those early hours before it gets crazy in the club.


5. Montell2099

Oh jeez. First time we heard this dude was through Joe Kay’s radio show, and we were hooked from the get-go. Presenting head-scratching rhythms that make you scream “how the hell did he think of that?!”, this young producer has the world in front of him going into 2016 and beyond.


6. vbnd

This self-taught British Columbian blends 90s soul, current trap, future ideas and other genres for his signature sound, which is usually inspired by girls. Best of both worlds kinda deal here.


7. Lord Apex

UK representing, Lord Apex is a king of Bandcamp and mixtapes, a workhorse with thousands upon thousands of songs to listen to, all gleefully presenting his signature trippy, low-slung style. One for a dark room and a smoke, this dude is already a legend in our estimation.


8. Lehvi

Munich beatmaker Lehvi goes against the grain of his homeland, and brings sunny and tropical vibes abound to his bouncy sound, with these infectiously soulful and accessibly hard-hitting beats all being mixed in the musical blender . Gorgeous stuff, and worthy of more followers.


9. Duncan Gerow

Master of the blend, Duncan Gerow has made some of our favourite edits to play out at Donuts, with an impeccable ear for pairing the most unlikely of artists together in complete harmony, whether it be T.I. and Nosaj Thing or Notorious B.I.G. and Boards Of Canada.


10. Orijanus

Soulection alumni and all-around badman, Orijanus’ output is consistently amazing, taking any genre he damn well pleases and owning it, from classic boom-bap to soulful trap, even fixing up Pink Floyd, he owns it all (he was also responsible for a certain KC & The Sunshine Band edit we play out religiously). Absolute dynamite.