Sample 101: Huncho Jack (Quavo & Travis Scott) – How U Feel

Taken from the late 2017 album “Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho”, this wavy bit of sampling from deadly trio of producers Pas Beatz, Yipsy and Carlos Desrosiers is a great bit take on an earlier flip (or interpolation) from Mac DeMarco actually.

DeMarco initially replayed the sample, an obscure jazz cut called ‘The Word II’ from Japanese artist Shigeo Sekito off his 1975 album ‘Shigeo Sekito Special Sound Series Vol. 2’, on his infamous track ‘Chamber of Reflection’, which was itself sampled by Wiz Khalifa on his own track “Smoke Chambers”.

The Huncho Jack flip is taken from the original source, a dreamy, space-like progression with amazing rhodes synth work, EQed and beefed up with classic 808 sounds to create a brilliant hip-hop track.

Check the two side by side here:



Huncho Jack (Quavo & Travis Scott) – How U Feel: