Anderson .Paak gets money crazy in new single “Bubblin'”

AP is a man of many musical shades and colours.

As shown from his 2016 album “Malibu”, Anderson .Paak is diverse as heck, turning on a dime from smooth, piano-driven melodies to 2-stepping disco grooves. This shit however, as Gwen Stefani once put it, is fucking bananas.

“Bubblin” has .Paak going balls out crazy. The video itself  is extravagant, over-the-top, a comical parody of the pre-conception of most Hip-Hop videos (money, women, cars, clothes). We get malfunctioning ATM machines, Zebras, strippers running amuck in a fast food joint… i mean yeah its literally bonkers.

The song is equally as hyper, with a high-octane, almost Britney Spears Toxic-esque vibe to it courtesy of Jahlil Beats and Antman Wonder, with AP spitting bars at equally as frenzied a pace.

It’s Anderson .Paak at his most fun and boisterous. It’s the hood AP we’ve been waiting for.