Slowthai goes from “Buried” to “Get Out” to “King Kong” in new video for “Rainbow”

One of UK Hip-Hop’s brightest beacons at the moment, Northampton wild-man Slowthai has been working his arse off the past year touring and delivering new music by the bucketload, and with “Rainbow” he has hit yet another winner.

Produced by the deadly duo of Kwes Darko and J.D. Reid, creating what almost sounds like the intro music to a Netflix true crime documentary, the song itself is a fierce dive into racism, with clever metaphor usage and a hook that won’t let up on it either.

The hyperactive video also weighs in with heavy symbolism with includes film references such as “Get Out” and “Planet of the Apes” to further reinforce the ideas of the problems of a endlessly prejudice society we live in.

This is a more serious, message-orientated side to Slowthai that has not really been touched upon before.

Rainbow Out Now: