Sample 101: The Game – Ali Bomaye

From 2012’s acclaimed album “Jesus Piece”, arguably The Game’s strongest since 2005’s “The Documentary”, lead single “Ali Bomaye” is as cinematic and rowdy as you can get: Haunting vocal chops and big strings aligned with booming drums, courtesy of insanely talented producer Black Metaphor.

The actual sounds come sampled from none other than Florence + the Machine, which seems to fall in line with Metaphor’s tendency to sample artists from the last decade, rather than the traditional dig through 60s and 70s crates for more obscure cuts.

The original track “Seven Devils” sees Black Metaphor pitch up, chop and loop a particular crescendoing section, almost 4 minutes into the actual song. Florence Welch’s impassioned yells and the urgent orchestral arrangements take on an apocalyptic feel, and combining that with Metaphor’s big band cymbal crashes, thudding kicks, rattling hi-hats and snares creates this engulfing feeling of the end of the world, and thus completing this incredible beat.

Check out the two tracks side by side (Samples appear at 0:22 and 3:52) :